Learn Quran Online for Kids & Adults

Learn Quran for Beginners

Our academy Learn Quran Online has special courses for absolute beginners. The purpose of these courses is to deliver Islamic knowledge from scratch.Our online Quran tutors mostly teach Ahsanul Qawaid, Norani Qaidah, Noorul Bayaan and all related Qaidah books in Quran and Tajweed course. After completing this course students can read the Holy Quran in the perfect manner.

Learn Quran Online For Kids

Our academy has designed a special course for kids to start learning Quran online with basic rules of Tajweed. The main purpose of this course is that the children at a very early age start able to read and learn the Quran accurately.Our Quran Tajweed course enables children to study the Quran with a proper Arabic language accent so that there are fewer chances of mistakes. Our experienced online Quran teacher is specialized in dealing with children.

Learn Quran Online For Adults

Adults can also join our Learn Quran Online academy for learning Quran online. If you are not been able to read the Quran in our childhood then you don’t have to worry as we designed some special courses for you. Visit our website, choose the best course that is most suitable for you and start learning the Quran online through the best Islamic scholars.