Quran Memorization Courses 

How to Memorize Quran Online?

We realize that learning the entire Holy Quran by heart is an otherworldly and physical effort. It’s a genuine gift from Allah that you’re that individual who can be able to remember the entire Qur’an Paak by heart. In this course that you are able to take this gift of the Quran. At this point, you ought to be mentally and physically ready to get the immense measure of advantage in this world and from now on. Quran memorization tells that you or your children should have this capacity to get familiar with the Quran by heart effectively. We have structured and straightforward strategy through which kids can remember the Holy Quran effectively in a brief span period. 

Strategy to Memorize Quran Online:

1) Get new information daily

In this course, we will show new Quran chapters or verses each day. 

2) Memorized New Lessons

In this part of this course, you can become familiar with the great number of verses of the Holy Quran. This part is significant as it will tell for to what extent the section you learned is remembered by you. 

3) Remember Old Lessons

In this particular part, the Holy Quran you have been remembered for 20 to 30 days continuously and after that, it is explored by your teacher. This will disclose to you how much Quran you have retained.